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Yellow Island Race 2019

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

2019 Yellow Island Race Results

The 8th annual Yellow Island Race took place on Saturday, May 18th, 2019. This year we were able to include Jones Island as a mark of the course. Conditions were good, enabling everyone to finish within the 5-hour time limit. The course began from a line established by the committee boat southeast of Fawn Island. From there the boats kept Bird Rock, Yellow Island, and Jones Island to starboard, Reef Island to port, the pin buoy of the starting line to port, and finished west of the Deer Harbor Marina. Seven boats participated, and it was a great day of sailing. Here are the results:

Challenge, the 6-meter boat from the 1930’s, was well sailed, first across the finish line, and first on corrected time. Quickstep, the International One Design boat new to the area, sailed a very good race but was not helped by her rating. Sir Isaac, the fast and flawless schooner from Port Townsend, was briefly slowed down by a wind flaw on the tricky north side of Jones Island and did not dominate as was expected. Vito Dumas, the Campos cutter from Port Townsend, and Windsong, the yawl from Anacortes, finished close together, and with their favorable ratings took second and third places on corrected time. Nutmeg, the other IOD in the race, took 6th, and Sula, the heavy, ocean-capable entry from Lopez, got seventh. When the finishes were calculated using the ‘time on time’ method, the 6th and 7th place boats changed places.

There were no boat collisions, no one ran aground, and fun was had by all. Our next race is September 3, 2019, in connection with the Deer Harbor Wooden Boat Rendezvous and boater’s potluck and salmon dinner. We hope to see you there!

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